Capture Your Adventure

Photography School is a world class online learning platform that will take you through from beginner to master photographer. We are excited to be a part of your adventure.

Photography 101

All great photographers understand the basics. In this course you will learn the techniques that will help you take better pictures and provide you a good foundation to grow your knowledge.

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Photography 201

The second course in our curriculum will take you through advanced photographic techniques as well as finishing images and surface treatments.

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Photography Portfolio

The third course in the curriculum is about preparing you for the next step in your photographic journey. You will need a portfolio of work to show potential clients and schools if you wish to take the next step

Learn How To Use Photoshop

There are many different software programs that can help you along your path but photoshop is one of the important skills to help you perfect your photographic vision.

Learn How To Start Your Photography Career

Whether you want to be a local portrait photographer, an international commercial photographer or any other kind of photographer you will learn exactly how to turn your passion into your paycheck.


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